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Farm League

2018 Sr. Farm Roster

Matt Elio

Commissioner - Sr. Farm (League Age: 8)

Senior Farm

Senior Farm: Intended for little league players aged 8 and 9 years old.  Senior Farm is a development league intended to get players ready for the next level of baseball where players pitch.  The focus is on developing all around abilities in hitting, fielding, throwing and catching.  Players will be allowed to pitch one inning per week with coaches stepping in as needed to keep the game moving.  Practices are held during the week and games are held during the weekend.  All games will have a 2 hour time limit that is strictly enforced.  Emphasis is on skill development and fun, no scores are kept for this league.  

2018 Jr. Farm Roster

Bill McCarthy

Commissioner - Jr. Farm (League Ages: 6-7)

Junior Farm

Junior Farm: Intended for players little league aged 6 & 7 that are ready to move beyond T-Ball. Junior Farm is a developmental league focused on the beginning basics of fielding, throwing and hitting. Coach pitch is introduced at this level.  Practices are held before the weekend game.  Some coaches may schedule other practice times.  As a general rule of thumb, if 7-year old player can not catch, throw accurately and/or hit live pitching, then Junior Farm is better fit for the player.

Little League Age Determination

The Hingham Little League uses an age for you child called the "Little League Age".  This calculated age is created by National Little League ® and is an attempt to group kids with their classmates.  We use the little league age, along with the results of player evaluations for AA, AAA, and Majors to determine an appropriate skill level.  Our goal is to give your child the best chance at being successful in the sport of baseball.

Little League Age Chart