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Majors 2018 All-Star Game

Majors World Series Schedule

WS G1    Rockies 11, Cardinals 1
WS G2    Sun 6/17/2018     4:00 PM    Cardinals  Rockies        Carlson    
WS G3    Tue 6/19/2018     6:00 PM    Rockies      Cardinals    Hersey

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George Rozanitis

Commissioner - Majors (League Age: 12) : Please contact me with questions regarding the Major Leag

Major League Coaches:

Jeff Griffin


Geoff Hart


Jon Hay


Greg Lane


Adam Larson


Tim McGowan


Ted Matthews

Red Sox

Rick Swanson


Marc Swirbalus


Greg Volpe


League Description:

Majors:  The Majors division is Hingham Little League’s most competitive spring league.  All little league age 12 year olds are eligible to play in Majors.   Eligibility for skilled little league aged 10 and 11 year olds wishing to play up will be determined by the number of teams in the division and the outcome of player evaluations.   Eligible players will be selected by the Major League teams via a draft.  Games will be played 2-3 days per week depending on the number of teams.  Practice times vary with coach and player availability.

Player Evaluations:  Major division players will need to attend the mandatory player evaluation.  This evaluation, along with player age, will be used to find the best fit team for each player.

Little League Age Determination

The Hingham Little League uses an age for you child called the "Little League Age".  This calculated age is created by National Little League ® and is an attempt to group kids with their classmates.  We use the little league age, along with the results of player evaluations for AA, AAA, and Majors to determine an appropriate skill level.  Our goal is to give your child the best chance at being successful in the sport of baseball.

Little League Age Chart