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HYF Parent Information



Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2017 Hingham Youth Football season!

The coaches and the Board have been working hard to prepare for this season and look forward to building on the past successes of the program.

Attached at the end of this letter, please find the Hingham Youth Football (HYF) Philosophy statement and the HYF Team First Policy which covers playing time.

HYF is part of the Old Colony Youth Football League which is a competitive league and unlike some other youth sports, playing time is not equal. As a way to provide the most playing time possible for each child in our program, HYF has committed to participate in Junior Varsity (JV) games so that players who don't start on Sunday will receive as much playing time in "game conditions" as possible. The JV games, which are played on Saturdays, are a great chance for the players who practice all week, often as the scout team for the Varsity, to play in their own game with their Varsity teammates cheering them on.

This developmental approach is particularly important with the younger players as they are still learning about playing full contact football and can gain valuable experience playing in these JV games. Ultimately, the most important thing is that every child in our program, regardless of their current skill level, feels that he is a valued member of the team and that his hard work is recognized and appreciated by his coaches & teammates.

Here are a few key things to know as we start our season:

· The Hingham Youth Football (HYF) website - This is your primary place for information. Please note the Team tab on the left side of the welcome page. Each team has its own tab which contains information specific to your child’s team – contact info, game & practice schedules etc.

· Mandatory Weigh-In - Saturday, September 6th is the Mandatory weigh-in. All players should be at Lynch field by TBD and must weigh-in to be eligible to play. We will have team buses take the teams from Lynch Field to the weigh-in and back to the field. Details to follow soon.

· 24-hour rule - No parent should address a coach on the field for any reason. (Outside of an emergency) If there is an issue, the parent should wait 24 hours and call the coach to discuss. If the issue cannot be resolved, please contact Tim O'Brien, VP of Football Operations.

· Team Parent – Each team has a team parent that will help the Head coach coordinate volunteer activities, disseminate team information and field general team questions. Please introduce yourself to your team parent and be as helpful as you can.

· Concessions – We have a fully stocked concession stand running during practices and we have had a good response from parent volunteers to staff the stand – thank you. However, the season is young and we will need parent volunteers to staff concessions on game days as well as practices. Please volunteer at some point this seas on when you are contacted.

· HYF Program Book – We have a program book for home games that will have team rosters, game schedules and advertisements.  We are looking for local businesses to show their support for HYF by purchasing ad space in the book. Families can also support HYF by placing personal messages in the book. Please visit the Fundraising tab on the website for more information.

· Online merchandise – We are offering online capability to purchase all Hingham Youth Football merchandise – t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats etc. Please take a look and show your support of Hingham Youth Football.

· Please put bug spray on your child before practice. Also ensure they have plenty of water in a reusable bottle.

On behalf of the coaches, I want to thank you for the opportunity to work with your child to help them learn and love the game of football.

Tom Hoffman, President
Hingham Youth Football

*Please do not go on the football field while the teams are practicing if you have any questions please wait until after the practice has ended. **



What do I need to buy?

  • Football cleats
  • They must be molded plastic bottom
  • An athletic supporter (yes, it’s a cup!)
  • Recommended to buy: forearm pads, rib pads & hand gloves

PRO SPORTS located in the Stop& Shop Plaza is offering Hingham Youth Football Parents 10% off their football purchases!

What does my son bring to practice the first night and every night?

  • Practice starts @ 6:00pm unless otherwise noted
  • A good attitude
  • Water or Gatorade
  • Cleats
  • Helmet
  • Bug spray

When does “full pads” practice start?

  • Coaches will let their team know.
  • It is usually the 3rd or 4th practice.

How long is practice?

  •  It is generally 1 ½ hours to 2 hours per practice
  • Please be prompt picking up your son. The field shuts down promptly after practice.

When is practice after school starts?

  • Tuesday, Thursday & Friday nights
  • Please check the website/team grade tabs for exact times

** Players must be on the field dressed and ready to practice @ the practice time***

What if my son is not going to practice? 

  • Your son needs to call one of the coaches or leave a message prior to practice that he will not be attending.

What day & time are the games?

The games are mostly on Sundays some Saturday nights

On Sundays:

  • C (third and fourth grade)team game @11:30am
  • Player arrival@ 10:30am fully dressed 
  • A (7th and 8th grade)team game approximately@ 12:30pm (starts after C game) 
  • Player arrival@ 11:30am fully dressed 
  • B(5th and 6th grade) team game approximately @ 2:00pm (starts after A game)
  • Player arrival @1:00pm fully dressed 

On Saturdays nights, the 5th or 7th Grade team will play second after the 3rd or 4th grade team and the 7th or 8th Grade team will play last. The 3rd or 4th Grade teams start Saturday games at 5pm. 

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

  • Ask your team parent
  • Ask the coach AFTER PRACTICE


Hingham Youth Football Team First/Playing Time Policy

Hingham Youth Football (HYF) recognizes the importance of developing young leaders in the spirit of competition, hard work, discipline and good sportsmanship.

The theme for the HYF program is:

RESPECT (responsibility,effort,sportsmanship,persistence,enthusiasm,commitment and teamwork.)

Respect for the game, yourself, your coaches, your teammates, your opponents, the referees and judges. Youth football teaches players many life lessons they will carry forward long after their competition days are over.

Hingham Youth Football has never used tryouts or roster cuts as a tool for managing team size. This practice, along with the success of the program over the years, has resulted in very large rosters. HYF over the last five years has added 3 more teams and now has a team for every grade. We have also added Junior Varsity (JV) games to each grade level. JV games allow less experienced and/or less developed players to gain game experience to improve their skills and realize the benefits of their participation in practic e. These JV games have become an important part of a player’s development. To this end, HYF has adopted the following policy to ensure consistency at each varsity and JV game and consistency at each grade level.


1) All players, physically able to play, are required to be present and dressed in full uniform for both varsity and JV games. All players are expected to be ready to play and pay attention to the game and their position on the field- ready and willing to offer their teammates encouragement and advice, as warranted.

2) Coaches will determine the JV participants for the upcoming Saturday JV game by Thursday. No starting varsity player will play his regular position in the JV game. However, he can play another position in the JV game at the Head coach’s discretion.

3) Coaches will review this policy with parents and players before the first game of the season and will enforce this policy within their own teams throughout the season. All coaches at all grade levels will have a unified and consistent approach to adhering to this policy to demonstrate the Team First philosophy of HYF.


Hingham Youth Football Philosophy

Our philosophy and mission is to provide a safe, fun and sportsmanlike atmosphere for the Hingham football teams. We have three rules:

1. Safety First.
2. Respect and Sportsmanship
3. Have fun and want to come back tomorrow.


For the coach he/she must:
· Provide well-planned, fun, appropriate, challenging practices in a safe environment.
· Create an atmosphere of fairness, trust and encouragement.
· Maintain discipline at all times.
· Develop, by good example, good sportsmanship in players.
· Maintain control of player s during the games.
· Treat players, opponents, parents and officials with respect and courtesy.

For the player in order to play and participate he/she must:
· Arrive at practices and games at the designated times.
· Bring all of the proper equipment and be ready to play.
· Listen to the coaches and follow instructions.
· Treat teammates, coaches, opponents and officials with respect and courtesy.
· Play the position assigned with enthusiasm.

For the parents in order for their child to play they must:
· Ensure player’s timely attendance and pickup at all scheduled practices and games.
· Ensure players are properly equipped.
· Stay at a respectful distance from players and coaches during practice and allow the coaches to do the coaching.
· Never criticize the coach in the player’s presence.
· Never heckle from the sidelines or stands during practice and or games.
· Never make comments to the officials during a game.
· Understand that playing time, position placement and game strategy, are the sole responsibility of the coaching staff.
· Participate as a volunteer at games and in all fund raising activities.
· Bring any parental issues, questions or constructive feedback to the head coach privately and it should be in a timely manner.
· Maintain and clean equipment during the season and return it in the same condition as it was issued in.