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Hingham Youth Flag Football

2020 Hingham Flag Football Guidelines

Mask Requirements:  Masks will be required by each player at all times on the field (whether playing or on the sideline during the game). If a player is out of breath after a run they can lower it to catch their breath but must pull it back up.  If a child doesn’t have a mask they can’t be on the field.  Coaches will be working with the kids on all of this and everyone will get the hang of it.

Other Equipment: We will continue to supply jerseys, flags and footballs to each team.  Mouthguards should be worn by all players.  It would also be helpful for all players to have receiving gloves this season.  They are certainly not required but it would help keep them clean (and they look cool).

Parents and Spectators:  Although flag has been a large social event in the past, we can only have one parent per player at the field for the games.  Parents or guardians should wear a mask and be socially distanced.  We understand that caregivers may have extenuating circumstances with siblings – in situations where no alternative exists a sibling could attend wearing a mask.  If there are changes to state guidelines we can reassess as the season goes along.

Field Map

Game Times

2nd Grade 9:00 10:00
1st Grade 10:15 11:15
3rd Grade 11:30 12:30
4th Grade 12:45 1:45
Kindergarten 2:00 3:00
5th Grade 3:15 4:15
6th Grade 4:30 5:30
7th/8th Grades 5:45 6:45



Field Team 1 Team 2
1 Titans Crdinals
2 49ers Eagles
4 Patriots Jets


Field Team 1 Team 2
1 Vikings 49ers
2 Eagles Cardinals
4 Jets Titans
5 Patriots Colts


Field Team 1 Team 2
1 Vikings Colts
2 Lions Giants
3 Patriots 49ers
4 Jets Cardinals
5 Eagles Titans

Ryan Lynch

Flag Director