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Hingham Cheerleading & Dance



HYF Cheer & Dance Fall 2020 Update

It is with heavy heart that the HYF Cheer Coaches have elected to CANCEL the 2020 Fall Cheer Season due to Covid-19.  As you all know, cheer is a full-contact sport, where cheerleaders are in constant close contact. Both cheering and stunting involve a significant amount of direct contact; hand-holding, loud cheering, stunting and activities in close proximity of their peers and coaches. For all of these reasons it would make it very difficult to follow the social distancing guidelines, even in Phase 3 of Governor Baker’s 3-Phase reopening plan.  We took many things into consideration when coming to our final decision to cancel the season. We recognize the number of cases are low in Hingham and are decreasing daily, but the risk still remains. The very nature of cheerleading where large groups of cheerleaders are grouped together for practices, games, events, bathroom visits during games and practices, direct contact with coaches, parents, peers, football players, fans, etc. makes social distancing hard to achieve. 

Should there be a miraculous dissolution of Covid-19 over the summer, where we feel comfortable that the risk of the spread of Corona virus is no longer a threat to our community and more specifically to our cheerleaders and coaches, we will be prepared to form an “eleventh-hour” makeshift cheer squad in September. If we were to do this, we would limit stunting and just proceed with cheers and dance. Should this be the case, the season will consist of one practice per week and one game on the weekend.  The plan would be for Thursday evenings only, from 5-7 P.M., and football games generally on Sundays between 11A.M. and 1 P.M. At this time we do not foresee this being the case, but in the event that we are able to proceed and you want to add your daughter to our provisional list to be contacted if there is a fall season, please email us at with the following info: your name, your daughter’s name, age, grade, school and a telephone number & email contact to be reached over the summer.


We wish everyone a healthy and safe summer! And if we don't see you in fall 2020, we look forward to returning to a stronger, healthier, greater cheer team in fall 2021!!

All our best,

The HYF Cheer Coaches

Brittany Morrisette & Chez Coyle

Cheer Coordinators