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By Hingham Youth Football, 01/30/11, 11:13AM EST


 Good Morning All,


An email was sent out the beginning of the month stating that registration for the 2011 season was open. It is important to note the new registrations fees for this upcoming season.


Jan 1st - Feb 5th 2011. Single player: $300 Family Max: $500 Early Bird HYF Discounted Rate


Feb 5th - Mar 30th 2011 Single Player $350 Family Max: $550 Registration Ends for HYF


Apr 1st - Apr 30th 2011 Single Player $400 Family Max: $600 Late Registration


As I have seen folks around town they have asked some questions regarding the current HYF registration drive. So here are some answers to questions you may have.



Question 1: Why the fee increase? 

The primary reason is the operational costs for HYF increased quite a bit in the past 2 years. Those cost increases included player equipment and operation of Lynch field. The secondary reason would be the hiring of folks to operate the concessions stand which decreased revenue from concession sales and decreased gate receipts from when we do not play at the High School.  The latter being a very important component to keeping tuition costs down.


Question 2: Why do we have to register so early? Football isn't until August.

The OCYFL mandates that we have our rosters in by MAY 1st. This is important for a number of reasons.

By having the rosters in May 1st the OCYFL is able to have the season schedule by mid- may, but also more importantly for Hingham whether we will be able to participate in both a D1 and D5 schedule. 


Question 3: What is the difference between D1 & D5? Why is it so important?

Hingham youth football teams are broken up by grade. The majority of the towns are not. These towns only have 3 teams. Hingham is primarily broken up by grade because of the number kids who participate.


Question 4: What determines if we can participate in D5 schedule?

The team size. All Hingham youth Football teams need to have a minimum of 25 players to participate in a D5 schedule and also participate in a JV schedule.


Question 5: Well what if only one team doesn't get the 25 player roster minimum? The other teams should be good right?

No. All teams would need to reach the 25 player minimum. If one does not reach that level then all teams will not be able to participate in the D5 schedule. Can you imagine there being only 3 teams? Hingham Youth Football had 220 kids playing last year. That would mean each team would average 73 kids a team. Could you imagine playing time then?


A final point and circling back to the May 1st OCYFL deadline. This is beneficial for HYF also. It allows us to accurately predict how much equipment is needed for the upcoming season. How many of us have come to equipment day and had their child wait a couple of weeks to receive a helmet because a size had run out? I personally know quite of few players had this happen to them last season. This was mainly due to late last minute registration. Had we known the exact numbers we could ensure the right amount of equipment was available. By knowing this, the cost of equipment would be lowered because overnight shipping fews would not have to be paid. Which in turn increases costs.


We also need to schedule all the EMT's for all the games in June and the High School field for games.


In short, please register now to get the lower rate. I would hate to see anyone have to pay anything additional. I have set up 2 options on registration check out. Either pay in full or the partial payment plan. I myself did the payment plan option this year, which was $50 down and then equal monthly installments through Aug 1st. 


If you have any questions, Please feel free email me at or call me at home 781 749 1658. I am more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.



Andy Ayer

HYF Administration