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Welcome to the 2010 - 2011 John Barker Basketball Season

By Mark Tyburski Director of Basketball Operations, 12/05/10, 6:05PM EST


Dear Parents and Players


Welcome to the 2010-11 Hingham Barker Basketball season. This year, we are hosting 63 teams; consisting of approximately 590 players in the Town Youth Division, 15 teams; consisting of approximately 180 players in the Travel Division and 8 teams; consisting of approximately 80 players in the High School Division.  All of these numbers match previous season “highs” or represent record numbers for a season.


In order to accommodate this significant growth, the league has made many changes this year. The most significant change is the establishment of a new organizational structure that we believe is the ideal model for youth sports. The new structure expands participation, provides for a smooth succession from one season to the next, and requires program-wide, end of year evaluations.  The most significant highlight is the adoption of a Mission Statement and set of Core Values that will guide Hingham Barker Basketball’s direction into the future.  Our Mission Statement and Core Values are on our web site. 


Another significant change is the development of a new web site that increases our ability to expand on-line registration and improve communication with the other youth sport organizations in the town. We feel this new web site will greatly improve the convenience of the registration process and the distribution of all necessary league information.


We recognize, however, despite our continued growth and positive changes, that there are still many areas that require improvement. We need to become more aggressive in our fund raising efforts in order to insure that we are able to continue to offer the program at the lowest possible price and make sure we provide financial aid scholarships as necessary.  We also would like to improve both the quality and opportunities in our high school age refereeing program. This year, through the addition of an official scorer position at all Youth Division games, we will increase the number of opportunities by one-third to approximately 36 referees.  Our goal is to provide refereeing positions to all those who are qualified.  We further intend to explore ways that our program can be improved through its integration with the Hingham High School Varsity, JV and Freshmen programs.  Improving player development and coaching development through clinics and off-season programs are other goals of the program.  


I want to thank everyone for your continued participation in the program.  Although the 2010-2011 season is underway, we are still seeking volunteers in the following areas: fundraising, public relations and operations. Please do not hesitate to contact me with your feedback, comments and concerns. 




Mark Tyburski

Director of John Bark Basketball Operations