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Harbormen Lacrosse

Stacks For Lax - Firewood Delivered and Stacked

Hello  Friends of Harbormen Lax,
Before you go out and load up your driveway with un-stacked and un-aged firewood…..
The HHS Boys Lacrosse Team will deliver (AND STACK) kiln-dried firewood directly to your home. This fundraiser will help support the largest high school lacrosse program in Massachusetts.

About Kiln Dried Firewood:
This is premium hardwood from Northern NH. It’s dried to perfection in a gas-fired kiln.
·         Most efficient firewood: 2x the BTUs of regular seasoned meaning you will burn less wood.
·         Cleaner: Less ash, creosote and smoke keeps your fireplace or wood stove in tip top shape.
·         Stored inside: All bugs and mold are eliminated through the heat treatment process.

We surveyed local providers of kiln-dried wood that deliver. Our pricing is equal to or lower than local prices…in some cases significantly lower.
We will also stack the wood wherever you want – for free!

$250 for a 6ft pick-up truck full! This is approximately 1/3 of a cord or 50+ of those bundles they sell at the grocery store for $8.00.

How to order:
Please send an email to and indicate the following:
Your Quantity: How many pick-up truck loads do you want/need?
Where: What is your address and where do you want it stacked?

Choose a delivery date:
- Saturday October 19th
- Sunday, October 20th
- Saturday November 2nd

This event will fill up fast and inventory is limited. Reach out now and get your delivery!


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