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Hingham John Barker Basketball

Weather Alert! January 4-5 No Games or practices for Thursday and Friday January 4 and 5.

Weather Alert!

January 4-5 No Games or Practices for Thursday and Friday if scheduled for a Hingham School.  

Any events scheduled for the  Hanover U  should be ok, you can call them to confirm.

Hingham  Schools are closed Thursday and Friday due to the storm.

As such, all practices and home travel games are canceled as well.

Travel Games will be rescheduled.


The regular schedule should resume on Saturday, January 6th.



2017- 2018 Barker Basketball Key Dates

Key Dates


Sep 16                        All Barker Registrations Open

Oct 16                        Travel Tryouts at Hanover U

Oct 23                        Travel Tryouts at Hanover U

Oct 30                        CORI forms for Travel Coaches due to law office

Oct 27                        Travel Team selections made and players notified

Nov 1                          Travel Practice may start

Nov 11                       In-Town Player Evaluations  - Grades 2 - 8

Nov 13                       In-town player drafts may begin

Nov 21                       CORI forms for In-town coaches due to law office

Nov 27                       In-town practice may start

Dec 1                          Travel regular season starts

Dec 2                          In-town regular season starts

Week 1                 Dec 2

Week 2                 Dec 9

Week 3                 Dec 16

Week 4                 Jan 6

Week 5                 Jan 13

Week 6                 Jan 20

Week 7                 Jan 27

Week 8                 Feb 3

Week 9                 Feb 10

Week 10               Feb 17

Playoff 1               Mar 3

Playoff 2               Mar 10

Championship     Mar 17

Mar 17                       End of Barker Season

Mar 31                       End of Travel season, subject to playoff status

2017-2018 Hingham Barker Basketball Registration Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This announcement describes four separate registration requirements for Barker, depending on which program(s) you wish to sign up for.

  1. Barker In-Town  - Register your Barker player for the Barker In-Town program for High School & Youth Divisions. Everyone who registers will get assigned to a team and play under our equal playing time rules.

  2. Travel Tryouts - Register your player for  Travel Tryouts. Travel teams are competitive tryouts and there is no guarantee that your son will make a travel team. You will not be asked to register and pay for the travel program until your son has been assigned to a team, however, we do need to ask you to register above for our tryout process.

  3. Coaches & Volunteers - Adult registration for prospective Coaches/Volunteers for both Town and Travel

  4. 1st Grader Wait ListRegister Here. First come first served. You will not need to register for in-town Barker until your son is cleared and placed on a team based on availability. At that time you can come back, register and pay.

We also pleased to announce that registration for our adult volunteers is also now open.  All Barker and Travel coaches, assistant coaches, and Barker Organizational position holders must register for three important reasons:

  • To communicate your interest in offering your time and talent to the Barker Organization during the 2017-2018 season.

  • To start the process of satisfying the State required CORI requirements.

  • All coaches will be required to complete concussion awareness training.

Please follow the link below to indicate your interest in volunteering.  If Barker doesn’t have a current valid CORI on file for you, you will receive a CORI form to complete and return.

To register as a coach or volunteer click the link immediately below:


First Graders Wait List

The Barker In-Town program begins in the 2nd grade.  In the past, when space in the program allowed, interested 1st graders were allowed to participate.  This year we will maintain a separate wait list for first graders.  If after the close of registration we still have space on 2nd grade teams, 1st graders will be added to round out those teams on a first come, first serve basis. 

To add your First Grader to the Wait List, click the link immediately below:

The Barker Organization is very excited for the approaching season, and we have been working hard in the off-season to make this year another great experience for your player.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email Tim Perkins at


If you have any trouble following the links contained in this document, simply copy and paste into your browser. 


BARKER BASKETBALL does not happen without your help. 
All positions are volunteer. 
Barker needs coaches, organizers, webmaster, etc.
All volunteers are CORI checked annually.
The quality of our program reflects the quality of our volunteers.
Please consider helping and filling out the form below.
Thank You!

Barker In-Town Basketball Guide

Dear Parents and Players,

This is a very important Guide – please keep it handy for future reference. Another valuable resource is the Hingham Barker website:



  • Hingham youth basketball program for boys in grades 2-8. 
  • Program emphasis is on skill development, sportsmanship and fun.



  • All players will be placed on a team.  There are no cuts.  There is however a total enrollment limit for each grade required because of constraints on gym time, number of teams, etc.  So be sure to register early.
  • Teams are formed by grade through a player draft.  The draft is conducted by all the coaches in the league together, under the oversight of the grade coordinator. 
  • No requests to place a particular player on a particular team will be honored independent of the draft process. 
  • After registration is closed but before the draft, a player evaluation day will be held to give all coaches a chance to see all players in a grade together.  This year, evaluation day is Saturday, November 7 at East School


  • Games are played every Saturday between Dec 5 and March 19, with the exceptions of Dec 26, Jan 2, and Feb 14
  • Each grade will have the same blocks of time in the same gyms around town every Saturday.  Within that block, your game time will vary.  Gyms used are HHS, HMS, East School, South School and Derby Academy



  • Grades 4-8 will have one hour of scheduled team practice per week.  That practice will be in the same place and at the same time each week.
  • Grades 2/3 have a combined practice and game on Saturdays
  • There are also opportunities in the season to participate in clinics organized by Rise Above Basketball on Sundays at the Rec.  These will be announced at a later date.



  • Playing time in Barker is allocated equally to all players.  Each coach is given a chart directing substitution patterns by quarter based on the number of players on his bench.  This is policed rigorously.



  • Participation in Barker for the season is $150 for the first player registered per family, $100 for the second player and $50 per player after that.
  • Scholarhips are available.  Please contact the Barker In-Town coordinator, or your grade coordinator for more information.


Tim Perkins

Director of Basketball Operations

Matt Packard

Barker In-Town Basketball Director

Seth Rogers

Travel Basketball Director

John Mannion

Barker High School Director

Tim Perkins

Schedule Coordinator



Dennis Kelly


Mark Tyburski

Vice Chairman

John Battaglia


Leo Peloquin


Bob Kniffen

HHS Varsity Coach